After Zack and Greivious switch ages, they pursue their dreams. ( by TAco Badger )


Zack:Uhhh, hey Greivious! You're short! This means...

Greivious:Yeah genius, we switched ages, now get he heck out of my house!

Zack:With pleasure!

at Mandy and Anais' room.

Anais:Mandy, Mandy. MANDY!


Anais:Do you here someone walking?

Mandy:It's probably just Dad.

????:Oh, Mandy!

Mandy and Anais:AAAAAHHHHHHH!

Zack:It's me, Zack Silvia.

Mandy:Somethings different.New haircut?

Anais:Mandy, he's 5 feet tall!

Zack:And 15! Well Mandy, a date!

Mandy:Umm, I'm 17.

Zack: WHHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!Gumball's gonna get it!

at Larry's Ice Cream Parlor

Greivious: I'd like the Banana Cherry Cream Kids 1/2 off Guarantee please!

Larry:That'll be $50!

Greivious: but I'm 12!

Larry:Excactly! the 1/2 off comes for 10 and under!


Zack and Greivious:I WANT MY AGE BACK!

Zack:OK, now let me hook it up right...

Greivious:You're doing it wrong.

Zack:You're face is wrong!

  • Zack and Greivious wrestle*


Zack:Greiv! You sent us to the Ice age!

Greivious:That doesn't make sense!

Greivious:Gimme that!NO!


Zack:Hey, I'm back, but where's Greiv?

Zack:Oh Well, I'm 12 again!

in the center of a black hole.

Greivious:Zack!ack!ck!k!! NNOOOOO!!NOOOOO!!OOOOO!!OOOO!!OOO!!OO!!O!!!!!

The End?


Zack:Ya know Gumball, I learned something today.


Zack:Greivious is younger than mandy ya moron!

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