This a List of Fanon Gumball Superheroes That Will Be Listed.

The Wattersons

  • Gumbolt

Identity: Gumball Watterson Powers: Lighting Bolts That Can Put Enemies In Trances.

  • Darkwin

Identity: Darwin Wattersom Powers: Scaring And Making Follow Commands.

  • Airnais

Identity: Anais Watterson Powers: Flying, Coming Down At The Speed Of Light.

  • Richardius

identity: Richard Watterson Powers: Sausage Explosives, God Of Sausages.

  • Nicold

Identity: Nicole Watterson Powers: Freeze Rays, Ice Weapons.

Elmore Junior High

  • Absorb Penny

Identity: Penny Fitzgerald Powers: Absorbing And Adding On To Her Shape-Shifter Powers.

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