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Season 1: "The Ocean"X After Being Captured In Their Dream That Takes Place In The Ocean, Gumball And Darwin Discover Their Evil selves. "The Run"X Anais's Evil Clone, Siana, Attacks Anais, And After Trying To Outrun Her, She Gets To The Moon, Where She Discovers A Mistake-Evil Clone. "The Plot"X Both Anais And Siana Plan To Attack Each Other: At The Same Time! "The Normal"X Gumball And Darwin Try To Go A Day Without Evil Clone Attacks, And After Succeeding, They Attack. "The Retries" Gumball And Darwin Continue to Have A Day Without Attacks, They Can't Seem To Get What They Want. "The Failure" The Evil Clones Are Defeated For The First Time, Which Makes Them Furious. "The Mechanism" The Evil Clones Build A Gigantic Robot. "The Relationships" Penny's Evil Clone Tries To Break Up Gumball And Penny. "Season One Finale" Suspense Comes And there Will Be Time To See What Happens Next!