Roy fireson is a secondary character in The amazing world of gumball, is a goat boy.

Roy, o bode


Roy is a burnt yellow goat, he wears a blue sweatshirt and gray pants, he's kind will Gumball identical, apart from the fact of colors and horns.

Roy fireson
Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Goat
Age: 11 years
Friends: Gumball watterson, Penny fitzgerald, Juke, Tina rex, Ocho, Hector, Masami, Alan, Carrie, Clayton, Banana joe, Leslie, Teri, Bobert, Tobias, Anton, Molly.
Enemies: Willian, Jamie, Gumball (ex).
Occupation: Student
First Appearance: "Unknown"
Voiced by: Vitor


He is friendly, and half hot head depending on the situation, this may be by its name which is "Fireson" different from Watterson, he likes rock'n'roll and pranks, gets along with everyone in Elmore high.



He and Gumball were not friends, but soon after they met, became friends even though they have the same interests.


He is also friends with Penny, he and Penny talk in the refectory sometimes.


Although Juke speaks in a strange language, he acknowledges that it has a hidden button on his back, Juke leaves Roy put a rock band in Juke at any time (less time for class)

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