Superhero Upgrading: The TAWoG Heroes Return When Elmore Needs Them Most!

Revenge Of The Internet: Cyber-Warrior Timmy Attacks Gumbolt, And It's Up To The Others To Stop Him.

Storming Out: Masami Can't Upgrade Into Her Tornado Hero Forn: The Wattersons As Heroes Help.

2.0ff: Bobert 2.0's Offswitch is glued By BossPaper Mr. Chanax, And Heroes Need Him To Stop This Chanax!

Slipping On Icy Banana Peels: IcyPeel Joe Has Fun on A Snow Day, But A Snowball Monster Wants To Attack.

The Hot, The Prickly, And The Whatever: Hotprickles Is In Trouble: From A Tornado.

Rob The NO-mesis: Rob The Nemesis Is Planning Some Sort Of An Attack, But Backfiring Is The Key.

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