Linny "Linto" McHuffins



Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Liggy (Gumball, Darwin)
Species: Color Changing Cat
Age: 12
Friends: Gumball, Darwin, Banana Joe
Enemies: Tobias
Abilities: Strong, Can change colors at will (like Tobias).
Relatives: Gilly (mother), Unseen Father, Unseen adopted brother, Unseen sister
First Appearance: "The Specie"
Voice: Mic Graves
Linny "Linto" McHuffins is a supporting character, He made his debut in "The Specie".


He looks very similar to Gumball but both have different fur color, Sweater and Pants color.

Episode Appearances

Season 5

"The Takedown": His cameo debut, But disguised.

"The Specie": His debut and first major role along with his true appearance, He likes Gumball and Darwin so he shows them his true form.

"The Specie Part 2": His second major role. Gumball, Darwin and Anais meet his family.

"The Disease": (upcoming; 3rd major role)

"The Infectors": (upcoming; 4th major role)

"The Apocalypse": (upcoming; 5th major role)

"The Miserable": (upcoming; 6th major role)

"The Cure": (upcoming; 7th major role)

Color Scheme

Linto has a huge variety of colors, these are usually based on his emotions; List:

Happiness color scheme: Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange.