Lewis Grover
Lewis The Liger
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Also known as: Lew, Lewey
Species: Liger
Age: 12
Friends: Walter
Relatives: Mr. Grover (father)
Mrs. Grover (mother)
Occupation: Student
First Appearance: "The Watermelon"
Color Scheme
fur cloth belt

Lewis Grover is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Grover and the best friend of Walter, Matt, Sticky and Ronald.


Lewis is an anthropomorphic liger. He is similar in appearance to Gumball except for his coat color, clothes, eyes and tail. He has beige colored fur, considerably smaller pupils (at least when they are at their biggest compared to Gumball's) and has a non-visible pattern on his fur (inherited from his Tigress mother). The pattern can only be seen when he is zoomed up close.

Lewis wears a navy blue jacket with a hood, dark brown to "medium" brown pants with a visible square belt-fastener. He also does not wear shoes like most of the Wattersons.


Lewis has a colorful personality. But most of the time he is uncaring or indifferent at situations. At other times, he can be interested in every single activity happening and even be talkative as Matt and Ronald put together.

He is cheerful at times but also is in a good mood when with friends. He is not so competitive as shown in "The Shootout," but later shows signs of it. Lewis also tries his best to do well at school as shown in "The Doormat" where he panics when he loses his homework (but this could also be to avoid trouble).

At times, Lewis can also be unintentionally selfish or self-centered. However he usually realizes this and makes up for it. All in all, he is also another good friend that one can count on. He also takes promises very seriously as shown in "The Doormat,"and later also upholds a promise to Sticky in "The Camera."

Lewis is fairly smart, but mostly clever. He loves sports, notably soccer and basketball. He is also fond of his imagination, attempting to use it on Sticky to get him out of his trance in "The Doppelgänger."


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Really? Just all these? This seems like a piece of cake…or literally a whole cake. Are they gonna bake a cake or something?

—Lewis in The Watermelon

Heads up guys! Principal at the gates.

—Lewis to Matt and Sticky

TRUCE! Truce.

—Lewis to Darwin in The Shootout

Lewis: What are you guys talking about?
Gumball: Uhhhhhhhhh-
Ronald: I was just whispering to him about the secret level from the Tale of Zelmore.

—Lewis to Ronald and Gumball in The Teapot

…AH! Doppelgänger!

—Lewis in The Doppelgänger

I am Cupock the Barbarian!

—Lewis in The Camera


  • Lewis greatly resembles Gumball.
  • He is horrible at catching, and in gymnastics.
    • However he has some natural athletic skills that he uses in emergencies. One instance was in "The Shootout" when he deflected a paint grenade.
  • Lewis' personality can also be likened to that of Gumball except he is more passive.
  • He is allergic to too much decimals.
  • Lewis has a good vocabulary but does not know the definition of some words like "repugnant" and "ennui" according to Sticky.