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GrannyJojo S1

Granny Jojo S2and3

Character Information
Gender: Female ♀
Species: Rabbit
Age: 62 (Seasons 1, 2, and 3 until "The Man")

63 (currently)

Enemies: Nicole
Relatives: Richard (son),
Nicole (daughter-in-law),
Gumball (grandson),
Darwin (adoptive grandson),
Anais (granddaughter)
Louie (husband)
Frankie (ex-husband)
Occupation: Retired
First Appearance: "The Kiss"
Voice: Sandra Searles Dickinson
Color Scheme

Light ceriseish gray (Season 1) Pale, light grayish cerise (Season 2) Black (shoes, onward)


Gambogeish gray with White dots (Season 1) Grayish gamboge with white outlining (Season 2)


Grayish red (onward)

• • •
Joanna "Granny Jojo" Watterson , is a recurring character in The Amazing World of Gumball. She is the mother of Richard, and the mother-in-law of Nicole. Gumball strongly dislikes being kissed by her.


Granny Jojo is a pink rabbit, like Richard and Anais. She wears a pair of cat's-eye glasses with purple lenses, and a beige polka-dotted dress in Season 1, but just a beige dress in Season 2 onwards. Being an old woman, she has wrinkled lips, and crow's feet on the skin around her eyes (though her crow's feet could just be eyelashes).

In Season 2, she is shorter, has extra facial features, shorter whiskers, a brown dress, and an overall grouchier appearance, implying she has aged further.


Granny Jojo has a grouchy and somewhat lazy personality. As stated by Nicole, all she has left in her old age are cop shows, and kissing her grandchildren, mainly the former. She is very dedicated to receiving kisses from them, even to the point of forcing Gumball into one with a kiss on the lips. She also tends to spend her days watching TV.

She also does not seem to respect her grandchildren whatsoever, calling Darwin "fish kid" and/or "walking fish," and Gumball "the blue one," but she might have respect for Anais, as she calls her by her real name. Additionally, she forced Anais to carry her heavy bags upstairs for her, which, apparently, took an entire day to accomplish.

When she was younger, she still possessed her grouchy and uncaring personality, to the point of telling her young son, Richard, that magic is all fake; this shocked him into screaming loudly for fifteen straight years.

Her parenting style involves completely sheltering her kids, or "stopping problems before they happen" in her words. She scares the kids into doing nothing other than sitting on the couch, eating snacks she prepared, and never letting them think for themselves to the point where they can barely think at all, which resulted in much of her son's lack of common sense. The difference between hers and Nicole's parenting styles leads to a major conflict between the two mothers in "The Authority."


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Episode Appearances

Season 1

  • "The Kiss": Her first major role and first appearance in the show. In this episode, Josephine comes to the Wattersons' house for a visit.
  • "The Wand": She appears in Richard's flashback, bluntly telling her son that magic is not real.

Season 2

  • "The Authority": Her second major role. She criticizes Nicole for being a bad mother, and she wants to take responsibility. However, she gets overprotective, and puts the family in danger.
  • "The Plan": She does not actually appear in the episode, but is mentioned in passing.

Season 3

  • "The Name" (mentioned)
  • "The Vacation": She is seen in a flashback where she is in Nicole's car, telling her what she has to do for her during her stay.
  • "The Man": Her third major role. The Wattersons celebrate her 63rd birthday. She also introduces the family to her new boyfriend, Louie.
  • "The Spoiler" (mentioned)

Season 4




Hello, walking fish.

—Jojo to Darwin

TV. Yeah.


Where's the blue one?


Give Granny Jojo a kiss goodbye.



—Jojo to Anais

A good mother prevents the incident before it happens.

—Jojo to Nicole

Well, at least they're safe!

—Jojo to Nicole

Oh, looks like my work here is done.


Apart from that, which was paper.



  • Clips of her from "The Kiss" have been available online long before the episode's original airing.
  • She seems to really like the TV show Sheriff McGruff. Nicole states in "The Kiss" that Granny Jojo has nothing to look forward to, other than television, and kissing her grandchildren.
  • She calls Darwin "walking fish" and/or "fish kid," and Gumball "the blue one," but she calls Anais by her normal name, hinting that she favors Anais over the other two kids.
  • In Richard's flashback in "The Wand," she looked exactly the same as she does in "The Kiss."
  • Granny Jojo has so much metal in her that she is legally classified as a motorized vehicle, according to her in "The Man."
  • Her first name is revealed to be Joanna in "The Signature."
  • She has had major roles in one episode of each season so far.


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