JASPER Hawkins Walsh

Jasper Hawkins Walsh he is an supporting character in the amazing world of gumball. Jasper's age is 14 years old and his species is an cat.

Family: Annie Diaz Walsh (sis)

Lisa Deanna Walsh (mom)

Dallas barker Walsh (dad)


Gumball,Darwin,penny, Tabius, Alan, Masami, Carrie, Sarah, banana Joe (sometimes) zam fray and an few others.

Enemies: Tina (sometimes), bobert (sometimes), Dan (sometimes),

Ocho (sometimes), jamie, Rob, Mr Brown, ms simian


He wears an vest like sweater, colors are light green and orange, his pants is brown, hair color is blond-brownish, fur color is blue-greenish tourquoise fur. His tail looks different from an normal cat's tail, it has an furry branch like appearance.

When playing sports his appearance is an shirt that's white, has red rings and light blue shirts.


An independent guy an cool free spirited guy who loves to do anything for his friends as long as their no danger or trouble when it comes to his principle at school. He is kind of new to the school he wants to go on adventures but it's only not worth it during school classes, he can be an total geek sometimes. He has an favorite obsession over wearing vest sweaters all the time.

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