These are the relationships that Jack Pod has with other characters.



In "The Acquaintance", he befriended Gumball. This came after The Third, In Which there Is A Scene Where Gumball And Darwin try to befriend him, but he declines due to Tina lying and saying they are her apprentices. Later, they befriended each other after Bobert mentioned that it was a lie.


As Gumball is his best friend, he and Jack's relationship is very similar to Gumball and Jack's relationship. This can sometimes be mixed, like in "The Sidekick" when he was trying to tell him that Gumball doesn't think of him as a sidekick and as a friend, and in "The Bros" when Darwin was bullying Penny. They are mostly friends as of "The Acquaintance".


He is a good friend of Penny's, this is first seen in "The Acquaintance" when catching Gumball lovestruck at her, and realized their story was similar to his and Maya's, so they are friends. In "The Shell", he gave Gumball the right advice to stay with Penny, and in "The Bros" he stood up to her by making Darwin stop bullying Her. Ever since she started dating Gumball, he wants to date Maya More And More.


Maya Zard is jack's crush, and their story is very similar to Gumball And Penny's. He has sometimes been annoying to her, when after "The Shell", he had wanted to date her by trying to "crack" open her pink slime jacket. In "[[The Pressure" he tried to get her to go to Molly's treehouse, but she politely declined due to Masami's spoiled life. This disappointed Darwin, in which she wouldn't save him.


Wolfie Howler is the 1 prankster of Elmore Junior High. In "The Website," he tricked Scratch into attacking Jack with his claws. He shortly apologized, and are good friends. This has been shown in "The Prank," when Jack is with him honoring him for "inspiring" (which he didn't do) Gumball and Darwin to be such good pranksters.