Gumball Tapped Out

Gumball Tapped Out is a Game that you can play on Apple/Android


Richard Founds a grenade and dont know what happens and thinks and just opened it and Elmore is exploded so You,Gumball, Darwin and Richard can help build the town back


Gumball Watterson - Getting at Start

Darwin Watterson - Getting at Start

Richard Watterson - Build The Wattersons House

Lazy Larry - Build The Elmore Mall

Mr Robbinson - Build The Robbinson House

Margaret Robbinson - Build The Robbinson House

Daisy The Donkey Mascot - Build Daisy Burger

Tobias Wilson - Build The Wilson House

Penny Fitzgerald - Build The Fitzgerald House

Carrie Krueger - Build The Krueger house

Principal Brown - Build Elmore Jr. High

Rocky Robbinson - Build The Shack

Miss Simian - Build The Elmore Motel

Coach - Build The School Gym

Mr. Small - Build The Meditating Center

Idaho - Build The Farm

Anton - Build The Toast Factory

Bobert - Build The Elmore Library

Egghead 1 - Build The Chicken House

Egghead 2 - Build The Chicken House

Jamie - Build Elmore Stadium

Tina Rex - Build The Junkjard

Masami - Build The Stairway to Nowhere

Molly - Build The Void

Teri - Build The Elmore Forest




  • Gumball
  • Darwin
  • Anais
  • Richard
  • Nicole

More Wattersons

  • Granny Jojo

Angry People

  • Mr Robbinson
  • Margaret Robbinson

Bussines Owners

  • Lazy Larry


  • Daisy The Donkey Mascot

School Workers

  • Principal Brown
  • Miss Simian
  • Rocky Robbinson
  • Steve Smalll
  • Coach

Boy Kids

  • Tobias Wilson
  • Idaho
  • Anton
  • Bobert
  • Ocho

More Boy Kids

  • Clayton
  • Juke
  • William
  • Egghead 1
  • Egghead 2


  • Tina Rex
  • Jamie

Girl Kids

  • Penny Fitzgerald
  • Carrie Krueger
  • Masami
  • Molly
  • Teri

More Girl Kids

  • Leslie
  • Sussie
  • Sarah

Civil Servants

  • Doughnut Sherrif


  • Sal Left Thumb


Christmas 2014 Tasks

  • Decorate The Wattersons House with Christmas Decoration
  • Buy Santa's Workplace: FREE
  • Make Richard try to get on Nice list
  • Make Lazy Larry work 7 days

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