a ship from elmore goes missing overnight ! the next morning the wattersons are at home, watching a news broadcast of the disappearance, then the reporter reveals that some1 brought in a recording of the event and on it is something big, REALLY big ! the recording is played and we hear waves crashing all around and before the recording ends, we hear a roar ! the wattersons think they're hearing things and decide to go out and have some fun ! they head to the beach where anais builds a sandcastle and gumball and darwin play with the beach ball ! all is fine, then the unexpected happens ! the water begins to rise up, and once it falls, we see godzilla, in all his reptillian glory ! then, darwin throws the beach ball at godzillas leg repeatedly, this only serves to anger the beast, who kicks him into the top floor of a building ! the other wattersons flee the area and gumball suggest they find hector and ask for his help ! they do so, and hector accepts, wanting to get out of his cave ! he goes to confront godzilla, and is beaten by him in a short battle, then he is beaten up, mutilated, gutted, ripped apart, torn apart by godzillas jaws, then blown up by godzilla's heat ray ! then the wattersons decide to face godzilla themselves, but anais protests, reminding them of how big he is, then gumball says that they must fight big with big ! they build gumballbot, a giant robotic version of gumball, then launch him into battle, but the robot is beaten within minutes, then it's dismantled, and blown up by godzilla's atomic breath ! then the wattersons decide to use the paintball guns from " the fridge " and this only serves to anger the beast ! then nicole suggests they use REAL weapons ! they get some rifles and shotguns, then head back into battle, of course the guns have no effect on godzilla, who then destroys a building in which penny was in ! gumball, worried about penny, rushes over to see if she's ok, she's injured and bruised ! the rest of the wattersons go over to them, and they're all vaporized by godzillas heat ray, then godzilla proceeds to destroy the rest of the city ! once the entire city is destroyed, godzilla returns to the sea ! then we see the damage godzilla has caused ! every1 is dead, the entire city is in ruins, there are no survivors !

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