The chat is a general fun place that users can use to interact socially with.




Cussing is allowed. But if done excessively or abused it'll result in a kick. If continued it'll result in a ban.

Don't link to dangerous websites or images that contain pornographic content.

Use of the emoticons must be done in moderation.


The chat moderators and admins are allowed to enforce the rules of the chat. Needless to say they can remind you that these rules exist.

If a moderator or admin asks you to stop doing something, stop doing it.

Don't mini-mod. This is acting like a moderator without the right to do so.

If a problem arises, and all the moderators are away, 'ping' a moderator with their name or any other of their ping phrases. If you don't know a ping phrase of a moderator, you can ask them. If pinging a moderator doesn't work, use the '!mods' command. This pings all of the moderators in the chat room. Use only if pinging a moderator fails.

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