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Season 1 (2015-2016)

Series # Season # Title Summary Original Airdate
1 1 The Album

Gumball must get a photo back from Darwin of him being naked as a baby that he found in the family photo album before he shows it during show and tell.

April 7, 2015
2 2 The Ride Gumball and Darwin must face their fears so they can go on a roller coaster while their at Daisyland.  April 14, 2015
3 3 The Brain

Gumball and Darwin are transported into Anais brain in order for her to uncover from a brain freeze.

April 21, 2015
4 4 The Project Gumball and Penny are assigned as partners to work on a school project. However, Gumball gets side tracked and Darwin becomes overcome with jealousy. April 28, 2015
5 5 The Computer  Gumball and Darwin must escape school when the school's new computer system starts taking over. May 5, 2015
6 6 The Clock Gumball and Darwin decide to figure out how to reverse time for the school science fair. May 12, 2015
7 7 The Rumor Gumball and Darwin want to find out why their popularity has suddenly decreased. May 19, 2015
8 8 The Substitute Gumball and Darwin try to rid of their substitute teacher who just so happens to be Miss Simian's sister. May 26, 2015
9 9 The Toast Gumball and Darwin help Anton escape from a starving flock of birds. June 2, 2015
10 10 The Policy Gumball and Darwin try to show Mr. Robinson how to be a good neighbor. June 9, 2015
11 11 The Punishment Nicole sets the house up for a dinner party but Gumball and Darwin's latest antics ruins it. Now the duo must face the biggest punishment of their lives. June 16, 2015
12 12 The Obstacle The release of a new videogame sparks attention around Elmore and Gumball and Darwin are destined to buy it before it sells out. June 23, 2015
13 13 The Joke A feud between Gumball and Banana Joe occurs when Gumball puts down his jokes. June 30, 2015
14 14 The Sleepover Gumball and Darwin try to desperately get themselves involved in Anais sleepover. July 7, 2015
15 15 The Block Gumball and Darwin plot revenge on Tina for permanently blocking them from Elmore Plus. July 14, 2015
16 16 The Video Gumball and Darwin start going viral after one too many misadventures. August 4, 2015
17 17 The Convention Gumball and Darwin are dragged to an anime  convention by Sarah to show them something that will affect their lives forever. August 11, 2015
18 18 The Test Gumball is accused of cheating off of Tobias paper during a math test. Will Gumball be able to prove his innocence.  August 18, 2015
19 19 The Glasses Gumball and Darwin must stand up to Anais when she gets glasses due to poor eyesight. August 25, 2015
20 20 The War Gumball and Darwin rebel against Richard when a friendly competition goes wrong during a videogame tournament. September 1, 2015
21 21 The Role

Darwin's  attempts to get the main role of school play in order to feel to have accomplished something after Gumball gets an 'A' on a basic spelling test.

September 22, 2015
22 22 The Diary Gumball discovers something about Penny after he unwittingly reads her diary. And might be the reason why Elmore is just so different. NOTE: The episode explains the origin of The Void itself. September 29, 2015
23 23 The Criminals

It's April Fools' Day and Anais pranks Gumball and Darwin into thinking that their latest antic is illegal, prompting them to run away.

October 6, 2015

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