[Special starts with an ad executive coming to Joyful Burger; Larry is waiting for an order and The Wattersons and other people are eating.]

John: Hello, I'm an ad executive. I'm here to promote Joyful Burger.

[Camera cuts to Larry]

Larry: But we never recieved a paper saying you'd come, So we didn't prepare anything.

John: Still, Here's my ID. [Takes out ID out of his pocket]

Larry: [Takes ID] Well okay.

[Preview ends]

Clip 1

[Cuts to Watterson bathroom, Gumball and Darwin are there]

Gumball: Hey Darwin, You think you can make your tongue reach the sky!?

Darwin: I'm pretty sure that's scientifically impossible.

Gumball: WELL WHO CARES ABOUT SCIENCE! THIS IS ELMORE! WE CAN DO ANYTHING! [Sticks hand in mouth and tries to pull the tongue]

Darwin: Uhh Gumball, You should stop. Like right now.

Gumball: [Takes out hand] Fine. I'm gonna take a shower.

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