Character Information
Gender: Female ♀
Species: Cat
Age: 13
Friends: Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Penny, Carrie (best friends), Tina, Leslie, Carmen, Allen, Bobert, Molly, Idaho, Sarah, Ocho, Masami, Chimera, Banana Joe
Enemies: Gumball (formerly), Darwin (formerly), Tobias, Terry (at times), Miss Simian, Mr. Brown, Jamie, Rob, Mrs. Robinson
Emma is the character of The Amazing World of Gumball. She is a thirteen-year-old, light yellow female cat that likes adventures with his/her friends.


Emma resembles Gumball who is, like her, a cat. She has light yellow fur. she doesn't have whiskers. She usually wears grey gloves, brown trousers, coupled with a tan sweater, which has brown cuffs and a brown collar. Emma doesn't wear shoes, she has eyelashes. She also has a navel in her belly. The inside of her mouth is pink, her tongue is light pink, and her nose is orange.


She is very like dangerous, fighting with any entity or people else, survivor, reckless at times and to go to adventures with his/her friends, she is sometimes be jerk to somebody who bullied or being jerk to her.


Main article: Emma/Relationships


  • She is currently the only member on her family because someone killed her entire family.
  • She can turn into a demon.
  • She has left school and she never came back again to focusing more about her live and family stuffs since her family got killed.
  • After her family got killed by somebody for unknown reasons, she registered herself to a karate place to get a revenge to the guy who killed her rest of her family.
  • She has same Nicole and Anais fighting skills.
  • Her best friend is Carrie for unknown reasons and due to that she sometimes let Carrie enter to her navel for hiding and Emma agrees her stuffs and opinions and both goes to some adventures or else.
  • She takes off her hat at times when she is heartbroken and taking a bath.
  • The inside her navel has some alive/dead worms and some dirty lints at times.
  • She has an allergy to beans.
  • Her favorite food is ice cream.
  • Her favorite weapon is rope, which she uses it many times to catch any people and some stuffs and else.
  • She is currently lives alone to her house which it's in undertown of Elmore.

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