Denny is a new girl in Elmore who lives now lives next door to the Watterson residence. Denny is a little unnerved by her new home and feels odd about it at times due to the crazy things happening, but Gumball and Darwin help her out. Denny is the youngest of nine siblings, her older siblings are octoplets who are in college and she has four older brothers and four older sisters in the group. Due to being the youngest, Denny is seen as weak by her siblings, but she tries to be herself and make a special difference in the world to make herself unique.

Denise Bonchaz
Character Information
Gender: Female
Also known as: Denny
Species: gerbil
Age: 12
Friends: Gumball Watterson, Darwin Watterson, Carrie Krueger, Penny Fitzgerald, Anais Watterson, Rocky, Bobert, Carmen, Alan
Enemies: Rachel Wilson, Tobias Wilson, Miss Simian, Banana Joe, Ocho, Jamie, Tina Rex
Relatives: Mr. Bonchaz (father)

8 older siblings

Occupation: school student
First Appearance: The Gerbil
Voiced by: N/A

Relationships with Other Characters

Gumball WattersonDenny and Gumball get along like a typical best friend relationship, even if he is much closer to Darwin due to knowing him longer. Denny though supports Gumball whenever he is up to something no matter what it is and does like him, but just as a friend since he's like a brother to her and he usually puts her through risky situations. Denny also usually tries to help Gumball get with Penny and give him advice on how to impress a girl.

Darwin WattersonIt's been thought about by readers of her story, that Darwin may or may not have a crush on Denny, but they do go together as dates for Rachel's party while Gumball takes Tina. As of right now, it is unknown if they will get together, but he seems visibly jealous whenever Denny has a crush on someone other than him.

Anais WattersonAnais does look up to Denny and treats her like the big sister she had always wanted and the feeling is mutual where Anais feels like the younger sister Denny had always wanted. In school or anywhere else, the two usually talk with each other like they are colleagues and sisters. Anais even introduces Denny to Daisy the Donkey when Denny has never seen or heard of her due to growing up without TV. Anais also invites Denny over to her class as a guest and usually gets her to help with a plan.