• Zack, Gumball, and Darwin in their room*

Zack: Man, Darwin! I can't beleive you did it. You finally flippin' did it moron!

Darwin: I'm sorry! I thought it was the radiator, and when I put it up, it shocked me and it was right next to the window!

Zack: That was the Age machine! do you know how much hard earned money it caused me to buy that off eBay!

Gumball: Dude, you stole from Darwin's college funds.

Zack: I hate you so much Darwin!

  • Anias enters*

Anias: Zack, someone's here to see you.

  • Zack, Darwin, and Gumball go downstairs*

Space Ghost: Silvia!

Zack: Mr. Ghost! Oh no! You're not here for he lawnmower are you?

Space Ghost: No, your mother paid that.

Nicole: Guilty as charged. It came out of your father's wasted college funds.

Space Ghost: Zack, I came here because you haven't given me my machine back.

Zack: Machine? What machine?

Space Ghost: Perhaps you'll recognise my eBay username, MLPRocks36XD!

Zack: WHAT!? But I bought it!

Space Ghost: Do you think a 5 bucks gives you an age machine? That was a loan!

Darwin: That's my college fund?

Nicole: Dear, you started late with the whole leg growing thing.

Space Ghost: Where's the machine?

Zack: Well, SOMEONE threw it out the window!

Space Ghost: You?

Darwin: me...

Richard: You mean this radiator? It fell on me earlier.

Zack: Oh my god! It's in perfct shape!

Nicole: And I thought you had a hard head!

Richard: Thank you.

Space Ghost: Good day.

  • Space Ghost leaves*


Nicole: Zack!

Richard: *whimper*

Nicole: Zack! Rake the leaves and think about what you've done now!

Zack: If it means away from Darwin OK!

Nicole: It also means away rom computer! To the lawn!

Zack: Fine.

  • Darwin walks to Zack raking the leaves*

Darwin: I'm super sorry.

Zack: You should be!

Darwin: Zack, didn't Mrs. Mom say not to rake on the streets!

Zack: Shut up you stupid pet!

Darwin: *tears up*

Zack: Wah wah!

Darwin: *about to turn around*


Darwin: ZACK!

Zack: AAAAH!

White flashes before Zack's eyes.

  • mumbles* Look there's Zack!

Oh my god is he OK?

Look at that Gash!

  • cuts to a hospital*

Zack: Oh my god...where am I?

Dr. Dreydon Cooper PhD: In a hospital Mr. Silvia.

Zack: Whoa...wait, where's my family? Don't they care about me?

Dr. Cooper: They do! They told me to do the best possible! They're just occupied.

Zack: Wow...noone cares about me.

Dr. Cooper: They are still in the hospital.

Zack: Wow...wish I could see them.

Dr. Cooper: You are pretty fine. Just a bruise on your stomach. We patched it up right and dandy. Just get on the wheelchair to be safe.

Zack: Ok...

Dr. Cooper: Well here they are .

Zack: Hey jerks! You ditched me!

Gumball: *crys*

Nicole: *crying* H-Hi Zack.

Zack: Why is everyone crying? And where's Darwin?

They seperate a small bit to show a sheet.

Nicole: Under *crys* there...


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