Capsule Monsters

Capsule Monsters Prototype Drawn by Aquatic Wartortle

Capsule Monsters is a parody of Pokemon. It's a handheld 8-bitish video game that Gumball & his family play.

Capsule Monsters: Aqua & Fire Versions

Capsule Monsters Aqua & Fire Versions were a pair of games released April 2008 (As a demo) but fully released on September 2010. They each contained 100 monsters & each one had 10 exclusive monsters (110 monsters each). It was about the main character (Fire) journying to become a Capsule Master, trying to defeat all 7 Element Masters, and defeating the final 5.

Capsule Monsters: V.2.0 Shine & Glitter Versions

List of Known Capsule Monsters

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