[Episode Starts in Elmore Jr High]

News Reporters with microphone and camera are here theyre at principal brown

Principal Brown:Penny Got Trapped we have to do something

The Watterson car Richard is driving and Gumball is stepping out from the back of the car with an sunglasses

Gumball:i Will Save her!

Penny in Class:Heeeelp!!!!

Gumball is turning the key in and saved penny

Penny:My Hero!

Penny and Gumball almost kissed but the alarm rings and its just an dream

[In Gumball's Room]

Gumball:Lets go! Principal brown goes with pension! No School Anymore!!!

[Outside Elmore Jr High]

Principal Brown:Guys the pension is.... aproved!

Gumball and Darwin:[Jumping after the public] Yaaaaay!

Principal Brown:No we must always go to school


Nigel Brown:Because we have an new Principal!

An Pen Girl is comming with nerd glasses shes called Anna Barbara

Principal Barbara:Hahahaha.....


Gumball Whispers:Darwin that Principal is angry then Nigel

Darwin Whispers:Okay lets wait Tomorrow

[Barbara House]

Principal Barbara:Hahahahhaha i gonna be evil steal Mayor's Stuff then leave the town then say Nigel Was it

[At The Town Hall]

Mayor:Ok its time to sleep ok guards ur shift is over

Guard:Yes Sir

Principal Barbara steals all the stuff of the Mayor

[Tomorrow in Town Hall]


Donut Sherrif:No Problem we will arrest the Thief

Mayor:Or i can freeze someone with my freeze ray!

[Elmore Jr High]

Nigel and Principal Barbara have an deal

Principal barbara walks to the playyard

Mayor is comming

Mayor:So u Stole my stuff!

Nigel:No i didnt

Principal Barbara in Recorder:Yes i saw that Nigel Stole the stuff! He was Crazy!

Principal barbara escapes now to anthoter town

Mayor:ill do what Anthoter instead Ban you!

The Mayor Freezes Nigel

Gumball:[Whisper] Barbara stole it

Darwin:[Whisper] Ur Right!

[To Be Contuined]

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